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Mon Jun 13 @ 7:00PM -
Borough Council Meeting
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Thu Jun 23 @ 7:00PM -
EMA Meeting
Mon Jun 27 @ 7:00PM -
Borough Council Meeting
Mon Jun 27 @ 7:00PM -
Zoning Hearing Board
Mon Jul 11 @ 7:00PM -
Borough Council Meeting
Wed Jul 13 @ 7:00PM -
Water Authority Meeting
Mon Jul 25 @ 7:00PM -
Borough Council Meeting
Mon Jul 25 @ 7:00PM -
Zoning Hearing Board
Thu Jul 28 @ 7:00PM -
EMA Meeting

Dallastown Office of Emergency Management

911 Registration Info for Local Businesses

Our agency is responsible for Emergency Management Services. This includes planning for and responding to a myriad of natural and man-made disasters. Are volunteers are trained to respond to hazardous materials emergencies, flooding events, and severe weather incidents. Each of these mentioned may result in the evacuation of threatened citizens. If an evacuation is issued, residents may be instructed to leave the danger zone and proceed to a designated shelter. Short- term evacuees may be instructed to relocate to a fire station or other public facility. Long-term evacuations will be coordinated by the American Red Cross at a school or other pre-designated facility. Specific instructions would be issued using the Emergency Alerting System or EAS (formerly called the Emergency Broadcast System-EBS). Many of you can simply walk or drive from your homes to the shelters.

For others, this may not be an easy task. Some Residents are unable to evacuate due to a medical or health disability. To address residents with special needs during a disaster, we will be participating in a York County Initiative called ECRIN- Evacuating County Residents In Need.

Please keep in mind that all Dallastown residents should have a plan for sheltering and evacuation. It is imperative that all families develop a plan to respond appropriately in an emergency. Just as we encourage everyone to have a fire escape plan, we recommend that you plan with friends and family for all types of emergencies that may affect you. Helpful websites include the American Red Cross at or the Federal Emergency Management Agency at Or you can contact the Dallastown Office of Emergency Management at (717) 244-6626 and we will be glad to assist you in your plans.

The ECRIN program is designed for those residents who have special needs that may prevent them from easily evacuating. If so, please complete the ECRIN data collection form and return it to the Dallastown Office of Emergency Management at 175 East Broad Street, Dallastown, Pa. 17313. Attn: Coordinator. Completed forms that meet one of the criteria will be entered into the ECRIN database. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Dallastown Office of Emergency Management at 717-244-6626.

As always, we are looking for citizens to become part of our Volunteer team. Please consider supporting your community by becoming a Volunteer. Contact Brian R. Brenneman, Coordinator at 717-244-6626.

Click here to download the ECRIN Data Collection Form


911 Registration Info for Local Businesses

York County Control (911) is requesting that all businesses register with their office the following information so you can be better served in any times of emergency:

Name of Business
Phone Number
Fax Number
Contact Name

You can register this information with 911 at:

Department of Emergency Services
108 Pleasant Acres Road
York, PA 17402

Fax: 717-840-7535 or 717-840-7553
or Call Data Entry: 717-840-2961


The Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act

Are you current with taxes, or other municipal service accounts?

If not, you will be denied a zoning and/or building permit!

The Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act

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Online Code Book

Click the image below to access the Borough's E-Code Book.


Any Borough or Water-Authority maintenance employee that would approach your home for any reason will have a visible I.D. and a Borough vehicle with them. Do not let anyone in your home without first verifying who they are.

Please call the Borough Office (717.244.6626) or York Area Regional Police (717.741.1259 or 911) immediately if you need to verify the identity of someone or if you experience any suspicious behavior.