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Stormwater Information

Penn State Extension:

The Penn State website has many articles and webinars on stormwater management, best practices, and general information on where it stands today.  Please take a look at all they have to offer!


 Please help promote the lifespan of the storm-sewer infrastructure in Dallastown Borough by cleaning the debris and snow and ice that piles up on the storm-sewer drains near your home, by never releasing chemicals into the storm-sewer drains (car washing detergents, oils, gasoline, pesticides, etc), by never mowing grass and weeds into the streets without removing the clippings and properly disposing of them into a composing receptacle or trash container, and by not throwing trash and other garbage into the streets or into the storm-sewer drains. The ultimate goal is to promote the health of our watershed to ensure safe and clean drinking water for you and your family as well as promoting the overall health and diversity of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) has designated Dallastown Borough as an MS4 Municipality (municipal separate storm sewer system). As a result of this, Dallastown Borough has been mandated to monitor and correct all issues relating to stormwater runoff.